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Kenya game parks and wild life reserves

Kenya is home to some the worlds best game parks and wild life reserves. If your are looking to go on African safari a Kenya safari is one best choices. The safaris in Kenya are filled with amazing animals, incredible landscapes, and Africa’s best all around experiences.

The ideal time to travel for a Kenyan safari is December to March and July to October. This when the safari conditions are the best in Kenya. Kenya offers both national parks and private reserves. The breath taking scenery is abundant with natural and undisturbed game and wild life. Kenya safaris is definitively backlist must.

Rift Valley

The famed Rift valley in Kenya stretches the continent of Africa. The Rift Valley in Kenya has eight lakes, crocodiles, microclimates, sheer slopes and cradled lakes, mineral deposits, pink flamingo, colonial homes, along with tons of wild life.

Lake Victoria

At 26,000 square miles, Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake and is shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It is so vast that you can stand on the shoreline feel like you are at on ocean. In some parts the shoreline is totally deserted while in others, very fertile farmland leads to pockets of dense population.


Lewa in Kenya, one of the world’s most important and privately owned wildlife reserves is beautifully set on 44,000 acres of grassland on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya. You can experience traditional game drives, camel safaris, walking expeditions and more.

Game Parks and Reserves in Kenya