greenland dog sledding safari

Dog sledding Safaris in Greenland

Your breath erupts from your mouth in blasts of crystallized vapor, the cold is relentless around you but you are warm and snug in your many layers of clothing, gliding across endless, pristine tundra. Your sled cuts through the freshest powder as your team of huskies, grinning widely and bounding ever forward with a playfulness that does not belie their incredible power, race onwards to give you a glimpse of Greenland like you’ve never imagined. Your eyes drink in the surrounding ice fields, mountains, and deciduous trees, in a silent land save the rhythm of paws beating against snow.

You too can experience this ultimate representation of the symbiotic bond between dog and man with a dog-sledding tundra safari in Greenland, a country that has exploded in popularity in recent years. It’s a very different kind of safari from the traditional pith-helmet African variety, but is just as thrilling, and perhaps even more special for its isolation.

Dog sledding tours in Greenland are not just outdoor adventures; they are cultural experiences. To Greenlanders, especially the Inuit people that call the region home, dog sledding is not just a recreational activity, but a way of life – a symbol of man taming and adapting to the wilderness. Skilled sled drivers will deftly mush dogs along from fishing hole to fishing hole, from which many Greenlanders subsist. Dog sledding has been important for both transportation and hunting in Greenland for over 5000 years. And now, as a safari-going tourist, you too can experience this fascinating historic lifeway for yourself.

IMAGE: Flickr

The best times of the year to go are February, March, and April, when the snow is at its thickest and crispest, and the dogs are at their physical peak. Depending on the snowfall in any given year, you may even be able to go in mid-summer for some end-of-season sledding. Packages and flights are usually cheaper this time of year, as well.

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